Saturday is Pool Day


In an effort to take full advantage of the amenities offered in our new community, I have declared Saturday mornings as Pool time! My daughter is a year and half old and I want her to start to learn about swimming and getting used to the water.

We literally live across the street from the community pool and can walk there. There are also tennis courts and a (still being built) playground which we are anxiously waiting to use.

The pool area is attached to the club house. It has a large deck area, lounge chairs, tables/chairs and access to very clean restrooms. There is a small kiddy pool that is heated and a large pool that is not but still pretty warm. Its open from 8 am till 9:30 pm on the weekends! We have been going at exactly 8 am on sunny days and later if its cloudy to avoid the strong sun. It’s brutal here in the Sunshine State.

Any advice on teaching a toddler to swim?

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