New Normal


Three and half weeks living with my in-laws and we are settling in to a new normal. I’m not sure how “normal” it is … but it’s how life is for us now. After a few days of initial anxiety, my nerves calmed down and I realized I had to separate reality from my WORST fears. It really hasn’t been bad at all…. Here are the Pros and Cons to date:


  • My father in law has been making a majority of the dinners during the weeknights. Home cooked meal when you get home? BONUS! Saves me time and mental energy.
  • Mother in law can entertain my toddler (Arya) for periods of time. Gives me a little break although I am still cautious about them having items out that she could get into (like prescriptions etc).
  • Its nice spending time with family and watching everyone interact. Especially watching my daughter interact and entertain her grandparents.
  • There is always someone available at the house to meet the repair man/delivery girl etc.


  • Small things like the kind of dish soap you use or the brand water you like to drink may not be the same. Don’t you know Aquafina has a high PH level!!!
  • Lack of privacy…did they just walk into “our” bathroom? Did you need to take a look around? And NO you cannot fold our laundry. I had to explain I don’t want my MIL folding my underwear – I draw a hard line there.
  • After I told my mother in law no more food before dinner for my daughter, she snuck food to her when I turned my back. Seriously? Behind my back? I saw you!
  • My in laws speaking Korean constantly. However, I do not. I usually don’t mind but sometimes I would like to know what the dinner conversation is. It’s especially puzzling when my mother in law speaks directly to me in Korean. Like I know whats she is saying…. surprisingly sometimes I do understand. Not her words but her intent.

I will leave this at an even score for now. So far, we are pretty happy and enjoying our new lifestyle of living in the suburbs with family. We have our moments of “Did that seriously juts happen?” but that was to be expected to a degree. We also have our moments of “We made the right decision”. We still have plenty to iron out and more boxes to unpack. Have you had any similar experiences with family? Comment below!

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