Worst Moving/Mother’s Day EVER

We did it! We officially moved out of our awesome condo and into a single family home with the in-laws. Due to various reasons we picked a Sunday – Mother’s Day. We agreed we could “celebrate” the holiday the following weekend since there is no way you can move in one day and manage anything else. So …why the dramatic title?

Well lets back it up a bit. The previous week my throat had been feeling a little sore in the morning but would go away. It started on my right side then both sides. We went away for the weekend (the weekend before the move) and I didn’t think much about it. I was extremely tired on our way back from our trip that weekend but chalked it up to a non-stop schedule. Tuesday my morning sore throat didn’t go away and my coworker suggested I go get it checked out. YEP I had strep throat. She prescribed me some antibiotics and I went to fill it that night. I’m glad I did because that evening it got noticeably worst. The next few days were a series of exhaustion and sharp pains in my jaw and back of my tongue. I tried to finish packing between work, toddler and when I had the energy.

Towards the end of the week, we got an email from my daughter’s school stating a stomach bug was going around – GREAT. You can see where this is going. Saturday, I am feeling 99% better from the strep throat. Perfect, we move tomorrow and I can finish packing …. queue toddler vomiting on me. The stomach bug hit and t-minus 24 hours till I get it. Because I WILL GET IT – thanks to little fingers always being shoved in my mouth while nursing.

I strap the sick toddler in my baby carrier and pack everything I can til bedtime. Maybe its in my head but that evening I start to “feel” the sickness circulating inside me and I defiantly eat my pizza for dinner knowing full well it may come back to visit me.

Next morning aka moving day aka Mothers Day, the stomach bug hits me full force.  I don’t really have the luxury of being sick. Thankfully, patient zero (aka my daughter) seems to be in much better spirits today and holding down food. My husband can’t operate alone on a day like today so I suck it up.

We load up what we can in the car for a family drive to the new home. On the way, I desperately call my father for last minute re-enforcements to help me at the new home. My husband drops my daughter and I off at the new home. He heads back to meet the movers at the condo.

My father arrives bearing gifts of watermelon and gatorade – my go-to for an upset stomach. After he helps re-arrange a few things in preparation for the movers coming, he takes my daughter for a stroll in her stroller so I can nap. I surprisingly squeeze in 30 mins (thank you!).

My husband and the movers arrive to the new home. Our new living/family room quickly fills with boxes and furniture that frankly has no place to go. Moving is discombobulating but moving into an all already full house is even worse. Where does a third couch go? Porch. How about a third dining table? Porch. Coffee table? Yep, porch. The only furniture that we had designated places for was the bedroom furniture for the two bedrooms. Unfortunately, the movers could not fit our queen sized bedroom or even the crib into their bedrooms. My father and I had to take apart the crib and reassemble it. My husband and father both managed to take apart the IKEA bed and put ti back together in our new bedroom. I have no idea how they managed that but I was so happy I had a real place to lay down.

The rest of the evening I spent hiding/resting in the bedroom. I still didn’t feel well and had no motivation. My husband forgot some things at our old pace so he made a run back. My daughter was taking a long nap. I basked in the few moments of quiet. The end of a horrible and exhausting day finally came to a close.

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