Learning to Let Go

IMG_5449One of the biggest challenges of deciding to live in a multigenerational household is having to learn to let go of shit. Yeah I said it….. all that crap we tend to hang onto and accumulate. I know we (my husband and I) have way more than we need or even should have in our own condo. You can’t fit two household into one resonably without letting go of items on both sides.

The past few months with a little inspiration from the minimalism movement and The Minimalists , I have slowly been selling our things on eBay. It’s been a wonderful way to remove outgrown or unused items while gaining monetary value back and being eco conscious. I now have small stash of cash in my PayPal for little purchases here and there. I’m also allowing someone else to gain reuse perfectly good items which is even better than recycling them. We tend to toss things in the trash too quickly when we don’t want to deal with it or just want it quickly out of our space. Since I also have an Esty shop I already have a scale and packaging to ship items. It’s easy – I can wrap and label at home then drop off at the post office by my work!

Decluttering, cleaning out or minimizing is no mundane task. Its mentally, emotionally and physically draining. You have to sort and think about every item. Do I use this on a regular basis? Will I need this in the foreseeable future? Does this add value to my life? Does this bring me joy? I spent $ X dollars on that! What is this item costing me now? (in terms of space, frustration, additional clutter, maintenance/cleaning). There is a price to holding onto items as well! Is it really worth it? I’m tired just thinking about it and theres where the problems lies. I don’t want to me tired by my possessions. There is too little time in life and I have better things to do!

I’m sure by now you have heard of the minimalism movement. It really has resonated with me along with the concept of financial freedom. They all go hand in hand. You can’t be financially free if you keep buying a ton of “things”. You can’t relax and enjoy life if you are constantly having to take care of and clean up all your stuff. I am mother of a 14 month old and being a parent is hard enough without adding additional weight on your shoulders. It has really shown me that I need to stream line my decision making, my daily routines and my life in general. Feeling like you are constantly running and exhausting is not fun. Loosing patience and feeling the stress build up in the middle part of my back is not fun.

There fore, I am taking to the opportunity to try to streamline our possessions. As we pack we are trying to make conscience decisions on what we bring with us. We simply don’t pack the items that we don’t need. We sell and donate. It’s a really life packing party and I’m seizing the opportunity! Have you been decluttering and minimizing your things? What approach has been successful for you? Please comment below!

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