Wiring for a Multigenerational Household


This past Saturday we had the cable technician come to the house to change our set up. This involved adding an additional cable box and wireless booster.

Originally only the family room had cable and the internet router was in the back bedrooom/office. Since the family room will now be our own living room, we wanted to change the cable box to a DVR and move the HD cable box that was there out into the formal living room at the front of the house.  The formal living room will now be their main living area. This will give all of us the ability to have our separate living spaces and watch whatever we want on the TV.

The router was in an office/bedroom which will now be my husband and I’s room so we moved it out to the family room to make space and to connect any streaming devices with a hard wired connection. Hard wired is always best for streaming.

Ji Sung (my husband’s father) likes to download and watch Korean TV on the computer so we also installed a wireless booster in the formal living room that gives two hardwired connections. This was a great option to ensure wireless is throughout the house and he has the ability to plug his PC in for downloading. It wall a super easy setup and best of all didn’t require additional wiring.

Since I am able to get an employee discount we were able to add a larger channel package for a cheaper price and decided to add Korean channels for his parents to enjoy. We will have to make sure they actually watch the 4 Korean channels since its $24.99 a month – yes for 4 channels! Yikes.

Do you have more than two generations in one home? How many TV’s or internet connections do you have?

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