Fixin’ Up to Rent

As we pack and slowly migrate items over to our new home, we are making minor fixes to our loft.

The toilet handle thats “floppy”…

the light switch that doesn’t quite stick…

the second bath that didn’t get finished being painted….

you get the idea.

All minor repairs that would not be acceptable to new renters but we have managed to look past them in the craziness of our daily grind.

The major challenge is finding the time to make these updates and fixes. The work week is practically impossible and even on the weekends we are out numbered. One person has to constantly watch the rascal and its hard to install a new light fixture without someone there to hand tools and hold the ladder. Taking care of these minor repairs ourselves will save us money that we can put towards our upcoming renovations. Little does my father know, that I will be instilling his assistance the next two weekends to help!

Here is the official to do list:

  • replace broken outside window
  • fix refrigerator water line
  • repair toilet handle in half bath
  • paint both bathrooms
  • paint kitchen neutral grey
  • replace vanity lights in both bathrooms
  • patch small hole in wall from previous electrical work
  • change light bulb in closet
  • replace light in stair way
  • fix light switch in full bath
  • clean bedroom carpet

The window repair is being out sourced since we need a custom glass order and installed. Everything else we should be able to do ourselves with the help of google. I’ll being taking photos and  blog a few “how to” posts in the next couple weeks so type your email in below to follow along!

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