Our Old Home

We may be moving out to a new place that better meets our current needs as a family but our old home is pretty awesome. It may lack space but it does not lack the “cool” factor.


We currently (since we are in the process of moving) live in a converted Cigar Factory dating back to 1915. The entire building was converted to Industrial style Loft condos back in 2006. The original flooring was polished concrete with bare concrete walls on the sides. We have since installed wood flooring to make it more homey. The outside wall is original to when the building was built and boosts large rectangular windows letting a ton of light in.

The neighborhood is perfect for young couples and professionals. Local restaurants, coffee shops and breweries are within walking distance – just a few blocks. The area is known for its night life and historic architecture. Sounds amazing right? Well it is!

Except it is just under 1000 sq ft; giving only a 1 bedroom and 1 1/2 bath. The bedroom is an open loft bedroom, meaning there is no door. The bedroom, full bath and closet is literally the entire second floor which has an open railing to the downstairs. Thats not the separation or space that a family of three needs. We have enjoyed living here but it will definitely be better when we move to have separate bedrooms for us and our daughter.


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